About Vicki

MOMA, August 2016

I’m an Okiewordsmith (writer proudly from Oklahoma), and a Nonprofit Development Coach! 

I’m a Tulsa-based nonprofit professional with a boat load of hands-on grant writing and admin skills.

I’ve been successful as a freelancer but found myself overwhelmed with client work and turning down work due to time and capacity constraints.

Talk about frustrating!

In spring of 2016, I stumbled on the concept of creating and teaching an online course of my own! It’s seems like every life coach and their sister had a course about self-love or some other worthy but intangible topic.

And most of my nonprofit ‘thought leaders’ were focused on membership sites or one-off webinar topics about super specific topics

(which don’t get me wrong, I bought some of those and found them mega useful).


I heard a Development Directer friend of mine complain recently about how when it comes to Fundraising, particularly grant writing, you have to option to either take a  101 level seminar….

….or you teach the 101 seminar. 

How true.

Where’s the expertise?

Where’s the detail?

Where’s the beef?

Therein lies the rub.

The expertise lies with those of us doing the work. 


So, that’s what I’m about: unlocking expertise and helping nonprofit professionals– and by extent, the organizations they work for and the causes they are committed to–succeed by working smarter.

Because Lord knows, we are already working hard.

I’m here to be a cheerleader for those in the trenches, to champion the holders of institutional knowledge and to fete the #changemakers working tirelessly to change the world. 

I’m glad you are here. Let’s change the world.


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