The #1 Most Ridiculous Myth About Grant Writing

 “Grant writing is “too hard for me”

Listen, grant writing is not hard. Hard as in difficult.

It CAN be hard, if you don’t follow directions.

But surely it can’t be that simple, right? Just follow directions?


Now, the caveat. Grant writing is simple, follow the directions.

Ah yes, but what do these directions mean?

What’s a LOI, and MOU, and 501c3, and DUNS number??




And where are you supposed to find grants to apply for?

Who exactly, besides Bill Gates, is giving out millions of dollars in grant funding?

And goals?? How do you even set goals for a program or project that you haven’t done yet?



The solution?

Learn from someone who knows, who has experience and can explain the terminology, the method, the tricks of the trade.


The purpose of a grant application is to make a case to a potential funder that:

A. What your organization does is needed,

B. Fills a documented need in the community,

C. Helps the people you want to help, and

D. Is generally successful in doing so.


You can handle that, right? I can show you how.

You can do grants. You can write grants, and you can win them.

Why? Because you believe in your organization’s mission. You know the details, you’ve seen the successes and felt the hardships. You are uniquely equipped to write a grant proposal. 

And I am uniquely equipped to coach you on how to be effective and efficient with those applications.

Vicki's Signature Grant Writing Course: self-paced, lifetime access.

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