Is Your Organization Ready To Apply for Grant Funding?

Ah yes, the big question:

“Can we apply for grant funding? “


This question conveys, “We want to pursue grants!  We have programs and projects that need money! We have social problems to solve!”

I hear you!

But are you ready?


 I get this inquiry a lot.

And here is what I tell people:

*takes deep breath*

“There are many factors that affect grant readiness….and sorry to say, but nonprofit legal status is just the starting point!”

Here are the Basic Black requirements for most grant opportunties.

Volunteer Board of 5+

A Board is key because community engagement is central to the nonprofit industry model. #bestpractice

Clear & Concise Mission Statement

Avoid jargon; use that Oxford comma; and finish strong.

Master Narrative

All the narratives, together as one.

Not too bad! 

Now there’s something to be said for being ready on paper, and then, there’s the ones who will get the grants. 

Organizations who are also, financially ready, and connected to their community, will have a better chance of actually winning the grant funds.

Other things to consider (Bonus Points): 

Financial Readiness

Now there's no exact amount of money you should have in the bank before your apply for grants or a minimum number of supporters. But you should have some of both.

Want more?

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday, June 14th

for a fun lunchtime webinar that will answer that nebulous question…


At the very least, new nonprofits need to address a specific problem in a practical way. Oh, and doesn't duplicate what another organization already does just fine.

Is Your Organization Ready To Apply For Grant Funding?

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