Ya’ll Ready for this?

It’s happening.

Today ya’ll.

I’m going public with my amazing new website, shiny new logo, and my 1st Online Course!

I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes, while also trying to take care of my local grant-writing clients (spring grant writing season is no joke!).

Oh and something about a spouse and kid?

Honestly, I don’t even care that I’m up working until 2am.

 I’m so pumped about this course that I’m about to unleash on the world.

It’s called “Ready2Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting” and I could not be more thrilled to be sharing my knowledge about the process and pain of grant writing.


Basically, this course is the all-in-one training that I wish I had gotten when I was first jumped into the nonprofit biz.

I came from an academic background (two English degrees, whatup), and while I got hired to my first grant writing gig through the connection point of a professor’s referral and the strength of a timed writing exercise (lolwhut), I struggled at the outset.

In a perfect world, grant writers and development associates would get a full year of mentoring and guidance. You know, once around the fiscal year calendar.

But in the reality, Development staff rolls over an average of once every 14 months.

I experienced this: not even 6 months into that first grant writing gig? My boss quit, to go write technical manuals (mmmkay).

So, I had a local Grants 101 half-day training, a full grant calendar and a giant filing cabinet. And some big shoes to fill.


This course represents what I’ve learned in the past 9 years of hands-on, day to day, grant writing experience.

Most people don’t know that grant writing isn’t just banging out some direct-mail type narrative that tugs on the heart strings.

No, it involves (at minimum):

  • Topical research for that all important ‘Problem Statement’
  • Looking relevant statistics
  • Research on funders, funding interests, levels, etc.
  • Wheedling a program budget out of finance
    Attempting to collect client success stories from program staff
  • Computing service numbers and demographics
  • Compiling attachements
    and finally,





My course covers ALL this stuff, plus you get access to me via a secret Facebook group for a full year!

AND I’ve got some juicy bonuses lined up for you Early Birds.

It’s gonna be so great! Hope you’ll join me.
And if this course isn’t in your wheelhouse, that’s ok.

I bet you know someone who could benefit; would you share this with them?

If we’re gonna make the world a better place, let’s help each other get there.

That’s what I’m about. Let’s get Ready 2 Roll.

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