Whew. It’s dusty in here.

Hey guys.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here, but the Internet being forever, I’m grateful this space is still here. It’s dusty in here. I’ve got updates on all of my Plugins (all 6 of them). I archived all my old posts. I’m going to brush up the Appearances and update the site colors. I do love a black on black with hot pink accent motif, but my current look is less black and more royal blue.


Here’s what I’m up to now:

  1. Freelance grant writing for 2 great, local Tulsa nonprofits.
  2. Own and operate a healthy vending franchise.
  3. Raising a 3 year old.
  4. Super married (9+) years.
  5. Lit on fire with political rage.
  6. More involved in community stuff than I’d ever planned on being.
  7. a Board Member of Tulsa Interfaith Alliance
  8. exploring my writing interests and styles: currently writing a nonfiction memoir.
  9. #hustling

So yeah. I’m going to be blogging a bit and setting up a great Resource library!

I’m also currently writing my first e-course. It’s called “Ready to Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting” Click here to be added to the waitlist or to get more info on the course.


Later Gator,