Ready To Roll: Essentials for Bad Ass Grantwriting

What if?

What if grant writing were easy?

What if it were a little bit fun?

What if you felt excited about submitting an application?

What if grant deadlines were not really a big deal?

What if you were ready to submit a grant application with only a few days…

or HOURS notice?


More importantly,

What if grant funding helped your programs got the materials, supplies and staffing they so desperately need?

What if grant funding allowed your case workers to have more reasonable work loads?

What if grant funding meant you could provide transportation for your clients?

More food options?

Develop a new program?

Give raises to your staff?


Grants can make all that a reality. But you’ve got to know how to ask, apply and report the RIGHT WAY.

Being expected to fundraise beyond your training or job description can be very frustrating.

And stressful

Mega. Stressful.

Chances are, you love the work of the organization you work for. But you don’t love how stressed out everyone is about money and funding for programs.

It can be miserable knowing that one big grant could help so much.

One grant could change everything.

But no one wants to write grants!

Where do you start?

Grantwriting is complex.




Even if you had time, grant writing is for writers, right?


Here is a secret.

Grantwriting isn’t HARD.

It’s not hard to tell success stories, or type up a Board list, or convince people that your organization needs support.

Your organization’s work is important and needed in the world!

But getting funding, for doing the work, is challenging.

Grantwriting isn’t hard,

but it sure aint’ easy


Applications are complex. 

Grantmakers are elusive.

Due dates are (sometimes) strict.

And program staff never seem to know how many “unduplicated” clients were served, ever.


And yet…

you know that grantwriting is an essential tool in nonprofit development and fundraising.

Especially for organizations, and savvy individuals, who are growing and expanding.

And often, yes, can be a lifesaver

for nonprofits who are struggling to stay afloat.

Here's your life raft...

Ready 2 Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting is the training you NEED.


In this online course, I will teach you:

  • how to know immediately if you are eligible for any grant opportunity

  • how to FIND grant opportunities that are a GREAT fit for your organization

  • how to write killer narratives, with the insider 411 about grant writing styles and formats

  • how to create the essential documents that you MUST HAVE for any grant application 

  • how to set yourself up for success as you apply for grant opportunities

  • how to turn a grant application rejection into $$.

  • and my own personal hacks for productivity and organization!

Ready 2 Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting enrollment is open June 15th- July 5th, 2017

This course has four recorded modules, that cover the following topics:

Module 1: Grant Readiness and Eligibility (i.e. are we ready and do we qualify?)

Module 2: Putting Together a Stable of Key Documents ( Executive Summaries, Program descriptions & more!)

Module 3: Setting Yourself Up for Success (spoiler: organization is key)

Module 4: Writing “Advanced” Documents (Abstracts, Case Statements & more!)


Each module will include:

  • a recorded teaching session about the topic at hand

  • downloadable & fillable TEMPLATES 

  • weekly works sheets

  • Discussion Prompts in a PRIVATE Facebook Group

  • Weekly Live Streams, to ask Vicki questions, troubleshoot, and share successes!

And who are you exactly?

I’m Vicki May Thorne.

I am a successful freelance grant writer, with 12 years in the nonprofit and higher education industries.

Seven of those years have been as an on-staff grant associate, researcher, writer, and administrator. I’ve written for millions of dollars (no idea how many exactly) and been responsible for the award of more than 6 Million dollars for my employers and clients.

I’ve learned what I know about grant writing the hard way: trial and error, through failure, rejection and trying again.

As a result, I have brought in MILLIONS of dollars for my clients, from a variety of sources– Federal grants, corporate giving programs, family foundations, and yes, even the big fish, the Wal-Mart Foundation.

(I’m really good at learning from my failures.)

I am also an experienced collegian classroom teacher and lecturer.

One of my favorite courses to teach at the University of Tulsa was a technical writing class, called “Writing For the Professions.”

It was my favorite because it was made up of engineering students and business majors who had zero interest in learning how to write…anything.

They would have much rather have been on an oil rig calculating the rate of flow for natural gas (big petroleum engineering school).

But by they time they left my class, those students knew how write memos, briefs, manuals, and yes, grants, like it was second nature. 

I adored working with those smaller groups and coaching them through real world applications of the course- usually their last English credit needed before graduation!

More than once I have had students message me to say thanks, that they were doing more writing than they expected in the engineering career, but that they were handling those demands much more easily than their peers.

The ability to 'translate' information that is technical into accessible is a essential for strong writing.

“In software engineering, effectively communicating complex topics to a wide range of audiences (whether technical or managerial) is a foundation for success. My Writing for the Professions class, taught by Professor Thorne, was crucial in helping me understand how to communicate succinctly at a high level, while also being able to quickly dive deep into granular details.
Hasan Siddiqui
Software Engineer, Amazon

Ready 2 Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting enrollment is open June 15th- July 5th, 2017

I have a unique combination of strengths & skill sets:

  • creative and technical writing skills (yes, of course I have a degree in English)
  • keen research skills (thanks Masters degree),
  • technical know-how
  • classroom experience and proven teaching ability,
  • and most importantly,
  • a passion for the nonprofit industry. 


I have been involved in charitable work since I was 16, and have volunteered for or been employed by nonprofit organizations pretty much ever since (with the exception of 5 summers where I was a door-to-door book salesperson– but that’s a different story).

A few of the nonprofit organizations I've had the privilege to serve:

My clients value the grants- generated “stream” of funding.

But often they feel frustrated by lack of continuity in narrative (often caused by high staff turnover)

and disorganized

and overwhelmed.


Grantwriting can absolutely suck!

Especially,  when you don’t know where to start with research…

or how to get a foot in the door with a grant maker…

or what the heck is a “MOU”?!

Grant writing can feel like a burden, especially if you are juggling other job duties (which, of course you are, it’s a nonprofit).

Maybe you “aren’t a good writer” or feel pressure from your Board to “go get some grant money!”

Maybe you’ve had people advise you to “check with the Gates Foundation? or Wal-Mart Foundation? They have lots of money…”

(if you only had a nickel for everytime someone said that, right?)

So, here’s the thing. 

I get it. 

I’ve worked for nonprofits with big budgets and small budgets.

I’ve written grant applications for the Feds

Department of Housing, Department of Human Services, Department of Justice

City governments

Corporate giving programs

all the way down to local family Foundations.

Which, by the way, in Tulsa, Family Foundations are a big deal– there’s millions in oil money sitting in Foundation trusts.

Our local community-based giving foundation– Tulsa Community Foundation– is the 2nd largest in the whole US! 


I’ve celebrated with staff over grants awarded. 

And cried over grant requests denied.

I 100% get how crucial grant funds can be to an organizations and programs.

That’s why this course is going to knock your socks off.


Ready 2 Roll: Essentials for Badass Grantwriting enrollment is open June 15th- July 5th, 2017

Here’s why:

This course is optimized for nonprofit professionals.

  • There’s only 4 modules, published 1x week. (not overwhelming)
  • It’s ALL online- no travel required, do on your own timeline.
  • There’s printable worksheets (who doesn’t love worksheets; plus, helps your retention).
  • There’s a BUILT-IN SUPPORT GROUP through the Ready2Roll private FB group.
  • I go LIVE in the group after each module drops.
  • You have LIFETIME ACCESS. So, even if you get sidetracked, you can always pick up where you left off! If you leave your org and go elsewhere- you have access to the training, no matter who you work for!
  • Grant writing as a SKILL is highly valuable and transferrable!


But how much is it, Vicki?

So glad you asked.

The 4 module layout  is intensely practical and detailed. We will cover 14 sub-topics, which if you were to take a mini-course on each one through Charity How To or some other online resource, would cost $50-$100 per topic.

So, easily $700 or more in fees if you were to try to piece together the breadth of training that I am providing.

Or maybe you have the ability to take a Grant Seeking 101 course through your local AFP group or something similar.

Incluing membership, those trainings are often several hundred dollars, AND you are out of the office, AND the training is surface level, so that you’ll need to take the 102 course the next quarter. Ugh! Frustrating!

I got my start in those 101 and 102 courses, not knocking them, but for many of us, a full-day workshop isn’t doable or helpful.

Flexibility, access and engaging content are what the modern nonprofit professional demands.

And let’s be real, chances are your training budget is limited. I’m pleased to offer a payment plan for those of you who could benefit from it. 

Then there’s my expertise: I am an experienced and successful grant writer, with college teaching experience and a specialities list a mile long. 

And let me tell you, I have seen some stuff, out there in nonprofit land.

Which is why I’m going to offer a BONUS module: “Overcoming Grantwriting Landmines” 

I will cover the weird requests grant makers have; how to handle random attachment requests, passive-aggressive program officers, eye-rollingly slow staff and more!

In this course: I am taking you through the process that I take all of my 1-on-1 grant writing clients:

researching for grant opportunities

compiling essential documents

writing amazing community and donor-centric copy

establishing systems for success and follow-up

and more.


My retainer clients literally pay thousands of dollars to have me do this stuff for them…

What I’m offering is my expertise, at a DIY price.


Pay in full. Cool beans.

$147 x 3

Payment plan. Heck yes.

Module 1 drops

on July 10th!

I look forward to having you join us!

Got questions? 

Email me!

Nice stuff people say about me:

Vicki is a wonderful combination of a professional who has superb writing skills, is detail oriented and data driven. Add to that mix her incredible wit and creativity and you have one amazing teacher and colleague.
DJ Morrow
Director of Development
I can't say enough good things about Vicki. In the 3 years she spent at The Salvation Army she was an irreplaceable part of of Marketing and Development efforts. While her writing skills are amazing, she also has an eye for photo editing and successful social media content...
Lindsay Sparks
TrueSense Marketing

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